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This front yard was pretty boring. Seventy-five feet of boulevard that wouldn't grow any grass after the street had been replaced and sidewalks rebuilt and a front yard that offered nothing but plain-old turf grass, lots of steep mowing, not much privacy, and no buffer from the busy street traffic. In just one summer, all of that changed.


To respect the pedestrian and dog traffic in the neighborhood, Shoreview Natives avoided using herbicide at this site. Instead, the boulevard space and front yard slope were covered with black plastic through a fall, winter and spring.  Once the grass and weeds had been killed, the space was covered with biodegradable mulching mat, and seedlings of native wildflowers and grasses were planted.  


The front yard of the home is fully now fully screened from the street, unsafe mowing of a steep slope eliminated, and the stretch of sidewalk in this area is a favorite spot in the neighborhood for hummingbirds, monarch butterflies, goldfinches, and the neighbors and famliies have made a habit of visiting this beautiful space during their evening walks and trips to the nearby park. A certified monarch waystation, the space offers year-round enjoyment for the entire neighborhood.


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Boulevard and hillside