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A regional community supported agriculture farm wanted to increase the populations of native pollinators living on their land and near their crops, as both crop production and agricultural pest management are improved by the presence of pollinators.  A space underneath their solar array offered an unused plot of sunny space, adjacent to vegetable fields - perfect for planting a native garden.


The space was covered with black plastic in the fall, and this was removed in July the next year.  The farmer tilled the space, and Shoreview Natives worked with farm staff to plan over 25 species of native wildflower and grass plugs.  The space will offer an aesthetic highlight near the entrance of the farm, and provide prime habitat for hundreds of pollinators that will assist the farming team with their yield-increasing, pollination services. New Photos will be added this spring (2016) when the first year of flowers come in.

Pollinator Habitat at a food farm