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This family wanted to make a space that complimented the greenhouse, beautiful raised-bed gardens, and shady-woodland space they already had going. The family spends most of their waking hours outdoors, and wanted to maintain a grassy patch for the kids to play in. But the flowery, butterfly-filled fun that native plants would offer their kids had more and more appeal as their son got older and more engaged in the natural world of the backyard.


A sunny space with good moisture behind the house offered a lovely place to put in a native garden, complete with a path through the middle to connect spaces of the yard. The homeowners had Shoreview Natives visit the site and provide guidance for DIY removal of existing turf grass and site preparation for their new garden space.


Biodegradable mulching mat was installed, a walking path laid out through the space, and seedlings were installed throughout. Now instead of mowing all that lawn, mom and dad assist their kiddos as they count and monitor the monarch butterfly caterpillars and chrysallis that they find in their yard.


The family has enjoyed the space so much that they had Shorveiw Natives come back to help them put 400 square feet of their boulevard into a native planting.


Backyard Retreat

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