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Shoreview Natives is dedicated to helping home and business owners transition outdoor spaces into landscapes that support aesthetic, ecological, economic and social goals. We specialize in designing and installing gardens featuring locally and regionally-native plant species including flowers, grasses, sedges, shrubs, and trees.  Shoreview Natives services directly support efforts to help declining populations of monarch butterflies, native bees, honeybees, and a host of other pollinator species exhibiting major population crashes.


Establishing native plants on the landscape offers a number of perks. Research has shown that people feel a greater sense of well-being and general happiness when they see and interact with diverse, natural environments.  


Parents and educators can take advantage of the hands-on, experiential opportunities made available through having plants, insects, and birds all interacting within your lawn, school yard, or patio space.


The deep roots of native plants require less watering than other plants unsuited for our area and infiltrate stormwater more efficiently than grass lawns. Native plants are often incorporated with rain gardens or bio-retention basins to help manage storm water runoff and at the same time, serve the community with aesthetic and educational elements.  More information on these benefits can be found in the Links and Resources.


Best of all, native gardens can be designed to suit the wishes of the property owner and provide a wide variety of services to the landscape.  Tall plants may be used as visual screens, grasses used to define edges, and plants placed to help manage and enhance wet or dry areas of your yard. In all cases, the native plants featured in Shoreview Natives gardens provide immediate benefits not only to property owners, but to the ecology, water quality, and aesthetics of an area.

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